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Bollard pull tests - tug boats / drag force measurement

Recommended models for this application:
RON 2000 Shackle, RON 2125 Shackle, RON 2150 Shackle, RON 2501 Shackle
Relevant option: RS-232; IP 67; IP 68

Dynamometers Crane Scales Hanging Scales Load Cells Dynamometers, when used as pull scales, are used for load and force testing and pull test applications, including drag force testing. Several examples of force testing: Testing drag force of rescue vehicles, plows, and of course tug boats which is also known as the Bollard pull test.

When pull scales are used for pull test and for force testing applications, the following features are important:

Long battery life for convenient on-site operation.

Portability for efficient and convenient on-site working.

High sealing level for adaptation to off-shore and harsh environments.

Easy display reading even when the user stands at a distance from the load cell. For example, a remote indicator enables the captain of a tug boat or driver of a vehicle or tractor to read the measured value in his cabin, in safety and comfort. A radio force indicator is one of the ways to ensure easy remote reading. However, even without a radio force indicator, a regular remote indicator (with cable) will enable convenient and safe force testing.

The following special features of RON Crane Scales, dynamometers and pull scales make them especially suitable for dragging force testing and for pull test applications:

1. RON dynamometers and pull test scales are particularly light in weight and therefore portable.

2. RON dynamometers and pull scales have a standard remote display that enables safe and convenient reading of the measured values.

3. RON dynamometers and pull scales are specially adapted for pull test applications in off-shore environments; For example: tug boat dragging force testing known as the bollard pull test. RON Crane scale, dynamometer, janging scale and load cell series are rated at IP 65sealing level. Two optional higher sealing levels are available:

a) Instead of RON systems' standard connectors, four special offshore connectors are available. These offshore connectors increase the sealing level from IP 65 to IP 67.
b) An even higher rating than this i.e. IP 68 sealing level is available. This option includes a load cell with an underwater capability. It enables the load cell to be briefly submerged in water (up to 1ft/0.5m), without causing harm.
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