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Examples of accidents caused by structural collapse when overload prevention systems were not installed. Structural collapses occur mainly due to overload, or sometimes overload combined with extreme weather conditions
Katowice (Poland) Convention Center roof collapse 28 January 2006 Hanging load together with the load of the snow on the roof caused a roof collapse and 65 people died in the collapse; many more were wounded

Christina Aguilera Justin Timberlake Truss collapse Atlantic City NJ August 2003
Three stagehands were injured. Almost everyone left for dinner minutes before the collapse. The show was cancelled. The estimated $1 million in damage to the tour's equipment has put the entire tour on hold.

Heineken Jammin' (Italy) Festival rig collapse June 2007

Texas Stadium

Rieu Accident April 2004

Atlanta GA (Philips Arena) January 2008

Ozzie truss bender (Australia) May 2008

Montego Bay May 2005

Greenfield Festival 2005

Las Vegas Truss Collapse - Industrial Show 2005


Chicago Auto Show 2006 - Truss failure

Can Cun collapse 2005

Pretoria stage collapse August 2003

Truss collapse at Miss Kansas Pageant June 2008

Stage collapse at Rocklahoma 12 July 2008

Atlanta GA stage collapse (Akon) October 2007

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