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Ron 3025 Crane Scale with 1'' Display and Protective Cage

The Ron 3025 crane scales are compact and yet heavy duty crane weighers.

Ron 3025 digital crane scale has a robust extruded aluminum body. Its optional protective cage provides absorption from all three axes of mechanical shock to the system's housing by the use of special rubber cushions. This cage makes the Ron 3025 heavy duty and resistant to harsh working conditions.
The compact dimensions of these crane weighers ensure minimum headroom loss.

Ron 3025 enables an extremely long battery life of up to 2000 hours on common disposable batteries.

An optional additional wireless display enables transmitting the measured values to a remote destination.

Ron Crane Scales are used for weighing during lifting and for overload prevention.

All digital crane scales are factory-tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart.

Eilon Engineering has been designing, constantly improving, manufacturing and selling worldwide Ron Crane Scales and Dynamometers for more than 30 years.

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