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Ron 2501 Hook Type
Crane Scale with Wireless Remote Display

The Ron 2501 hook type is a unique wireless crane scale which offers value added features for the users.

This wireless crane scale combines the ease of use that a hook allows, and the safety and comfort of using a remote, wireless display. In addition, its small size enables low headroom loss.

Ron 2501 radio crane scale enables up to 2000 hours battery life as standard, and an optional feature of up to 4000 hours (both on disposable AA batteries).

The load cell of this wireless crane scale is made of high quality aerospace steel.
This system's durability is also increased thanks to the fact that its electronic board is mounted on dampening mounts so it can effectively absorb shocks and keep the electronics unharmed in case of external mechanical shocks.

Ron 2501 telemetry crane scale is also available as multi-cell system, where several wireless load cells' measurements are summed up and shown on one indicator. The same is available with our Ron StageMaster system where up to 100 wireless load cells transmit to one or more receivers and create a real time load map, presented on one or more laptop screen as well as on smartphones and tablets.

Ron 2501 wireless crane scales are especially suitable for foundries and other hot temperature industries. In addition, the Ron 2501 telemetry crane scale enables quick and easy installation and is an ideal solution for all those applications where using a cable is not possible or not convenient.

Another unique feature of these wireless crane scales is protection against external shocks as well as double overload warning.

Ron 2501 wireless crane scales offer an internal mechanism which ensures that the received and indicated value is identical to the transmitted value. It will not indicate a value different from the transmitted one. This mechanism of the Ron 2501 radio crane scales increases the system's safety and utility.
These wireless crane scales, dynamometers and load cells have been sold worldwide for the last three decades.

Ron 2501 telemetry crane scales and dynamometers are supplied with a test certificate, which includes a fully traceable calibration chart.


Multi-cell up to 96 load cells on laptop and PDA

Multi-cell up to 16 load cells on PDA



Weighing during

Weighing in foundries


Proof tests



Additonal Applications

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