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Ron 2125 Hook Type Crane Scale with 1" Wired Attachable Display

Ron 2125 Hook Type is a portable digital Crane Scale with hand-held remote display that up to 12.5 tons capacity is attachable and can be attached to the load cell. The attachable display enables the user either to hold the display in his hand or snap it very easily onto the load cell.

By this means, the user's personal safety is ensured as under no circumstances will they have to approach the load in order to read the result: They can either hold the remote indicator in their hand or read the display from a safe distance.
The separation of load cells and displays also increases the crane scale's durability.

This system's durability is also increased thanks to the fact that its electronic board is mounted on dampening mounts so it can effectively absorb impacts and keep the electronics unharmed in the case of mechanical shock.

The small load cells of the portable digital crane scales ensure low headroom loss for any application.

Ron 2125's battery life is up to 2000 hours on disposable batteries and thanks to its optional transmission capability it is possible to transmit the measured values to an additional remote display.

Crane Scales, Dynamometers and Load Cells, are used for weighing during lifting, as well as force, load and tension measurement.

Eilon Engineering has been specializing in crane scales and dynamometers for more than 30 year and its Ron Crane Scales and Dynamometers brand is one of the leading brands in the global market, with repeat customers like NASA, Boeing, US Air Force, GE, Siemens and many others.

All Ron Crane Scales are factory-tested and supplied with a test certificate, including a fully traceable calibration chart.


Multi-cell up to 96 load cells on laptop and PDA


Weighing during





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