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Ron 1000 Standard Type Overload Detector

Ron 1000 is an electro-mechanical overload detector.

Ron 1000 Standard Type is a low headroom, electromechanical Overload Detector, used for overload monitoring. It may be configured to trigger any desired electrical alarm supplied by the customer, including stopping the lift motor when an unsafe overload condition occurs, for overload detection and prevention.

Overload during lifting: Hoist or crane overload is dangerous and can cause accidents. Overload monitoring is important for prevention of crane overload.

The low headroom Ron 1000 Standard Type Overload Detector is designed to be installed on the steel rope or chain dead end or can be used between the hoist and its trolley.

The devices are supplied factory-calibrated and ready for installation. Available in a wide variety of capacities, the Ron1000 can be supplied in capacities ranging from 500 lbs (250 kgs) to 20,000 lbs (10,000 kgs). Each unit is initially adjusted to give the user an overload indication at 105% of rated capacity. Additional detection point is optional.

Eilon Engineering has been designing, constantly improving, manufacturing and selling worldwide Ron Crane Scales, Dynamometers and Overload Detectors for more than 30 years.

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